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First, we want to be clear that this is not yet another directory that accepts every listing that is being submitted. We are careful in selecting handful of quality web links that falls under our quality policy that is presented in this page.

Unique Content Policy:

We believe that internet revolves around content. Hence our priority is to create useful listings where the content is unique and sends a non-deceiving message to end user.

Expected Website Quality:

  • The website that you submit must have some value to the end user - Value can be in terms of reliable information, tools, reports or anything that the end user will enjoy and take home.
  • Advertisement is good. But too much of advertisement is evil. And we are evil to sites that revolve around advertisements and earnings. Hence we reject all sites that are only targeted towards ads in one form or the other. This includes MFA, thin affiliate sites and websites with too many banners.
  • We reject any site that is poor in design, uses malicious scripts, forces unauthorized downloads, affected by viruses and the ones that has too many redirects. It is also very clear that we do not entertain submitting bogus and misleading websites.

Quality in Submission:

  • We make every effort to make our listings to be user friendly. Title of a website should give clear information to the end user on what the website is all about. Hence avoid stuffing your title with keywords.
  • As mentioned in the first point, write clear and unique description for your website. If you are trying to submit websites with duplicate content it is more likely to be rejected.
  • Proper category selection is very important. Submitting to top category or submitting to wrong category will attract rejection.
  • Leave your original name and e-mail address where we can reach you. We guarantee you that we do not spam, but use this information only to notify you about your submission status.

Category of websites that do not fit our eco-system:

Operation Up Link Directory is a family friendly directory. We do not accept websites that contains nudity and adult related messages. We also do not accept websites that deal with bombing, terrorism and other anti-government services.

No-refund Policy:

Currently we charge a minimal amount for guaranteed review in case of Featured submission. This amount is charged in return for our editorial service. Hence in case of rejections we do not offer refunds in normal circumstances.

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