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Role of Directories in SEO

Date Added: December 01, 2011 06:36:57 PM
Author: Admin OUL Directory
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Many times people get obsessed with the term 'Directory Submission'. There are few who are against this phenomenon and say directory submission is just a waste of time when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. On the other hand there are few other people who use directories as a link generating machine and start spamming all the directories with duplicate content and keyword stuffed titles.

We think both the approach is wrong. To understand this better let's take a step back and analyze how directories were in 2000s. Those were the ages when people did not have a way to find the best websites around the internet. This was the time when few people like Best of the Web and Dmoz came together and built a directory with categories for people. Hence a directory was considered as an yellow page with list of websites formatted and categorized properly.

However after the Search era, the function of directory started changing. People started to look at directories as a source of links and not as a source of relevant information. Today there is no individual who look at directory for information. This particular task is being done by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. These search engines does it in such a good manner.

Hence directories as a source of information has gone. However when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, directories play a key role. When search engines look at a directory, they start verifying the quality of the websites listed. Is the directory human edited or do they accept any links that are being submitted. After such calculations they pass on authority to the web listings. Though search algorithms are so complex and so advanced, a pair of eye can judge quality very easily. Hence directories that are considered to be human edited does pass on search authority to the web listing.

People should look directories as a way of gaining authority and not just links or page rank. Page rank is a old concept and it is highly manipulative. To sum up, the function of directories in today's world is nothing but doing a quality review and passing the authority.

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